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AI Debrief: January 5 2024

Generative AI

Here are the top five AI news stories from this week:

  1. AI in Healthcare - Nabla's AI Assistant for Doctors: Nabla, a startup based in Paris, has successfully raised $24 million in Series B funding for its AI assistant aimed at aiding doctors by automatically writing clinical notes. This AI system represents a significant step forward in integrating artificial intelligence into healthcare, potentially improving the efficiency and accuracy of medical documentation. The funding round was led by Cathay Innovation and included participation from ZEBOX Ventures​​.

  2. AI Innovations at CES 2024: The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 has been a platform for several AI-driven advancements. Notably, Bosch's introduction of a nearly invisible gun-detection system using audio and video AI, NEC's development of AI software to analyze facial patterns and pupil conditions for estimating human vitals, and various partnerships in the automotive industry (including Cerence's collaboration with Volkswagen and Cipia's driver monitoring system) showcase how AI is revolutionizing consumer products and vehicles​​.

  3. Generative AI in Art and Film - Runway's Impact: Runway, known for its generative video models, is a key player in bringing AI to the art and film industries. Their tools have caught the attention of major film studios like Paramount and Disney, who are exploring the use of generative AI in production pipelines. The technology's applications range from lip-syncing in foreign-language overdubs to advanced special effects, as seen in the movie "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny" which featured a de-aged Harrison Ford​​.

  4. Rise of AI-Generated Disinformation in Elections: AI-generated disinformation is becoming a significant concern in political contexts. Examples from Argentina and Slovakia illustrate how politicians have used AI to create misleading images and videos of their opponents. This growing trend of AI-generated fake content in political campaigns highlights the challenges in distinguishing authentic information and underscores the urgent need for effective countermeasures against such disinformation​​.

  5. AI in Policing - Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office: In a move to enhance their policing capabilities, the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office is adopting AI technologies. This initiative reflects a broader trend of law enforcement agencies integrating AI to improve public safety and operational effectiveness. The adoption of such technology could lead to more efficient policing methods and better resource allocation​​.

These stories underscore the expansive and multifaceted impact of AI across various sectors. From improving healthcare and revolutionizing entertainment to tackling disinformation and enhancing public safety, AI continues to be a transformative force in modern society.