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Elon Musk's Viral Stroll with AI Robot Optimus Sparks Internet Buzz

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In a move that's got everyone double-tapping, Elon Musk took to X to share a stroll with none other than Tesla's very own AI marvel, Optimus. The clip, snagging eyeballs to the tune of 27 million views, shows Musk and the robot ambling about, with a curious crowd in tow.

Captioned simply, "Going for a walk with Optimus," the video has Optimus taking it slow, much to the fascination of onlookers. The internet, never one to let a moment pass, chimed in with their two cents.

A user couldn't help but notice a certain presidential gait, commenting, "He's got that 'Joe Biden' shuffle going on!" Meanwhile, another added to the chorus of praise for Musk, quipping, “Elon is underpaid."

The robot's evolving stride didn't go unnoticed, with a third observer remarking, “Optimus' walk is getting more and more human-like." And in a nod to the aspirational, a fourth chimed in, “One step at a time Optimus will create a brighter future for us all."

The viral moment, aside from giving us all a peek into the future of pedestrian AI, has sparked a flurry of reactions, ranging from political zingers to predictions of a brighter, Optimus-led tomorrow.