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The GPT Store Opens Its Doors


The GPT Store is officially open for ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise users, offering a curated selection of over 3 million custom ChatGPT versions. Head to to start exploring.

What's trending? Discover a plethora of GPTs in the store, ranging from DALL·E to education-focused tools. The community leaderboard showcases the hottest and most popular GPTs, with weekly updates on new standout additions.

Spotlight on featured GPTs This week, the spotlight shines on:

  • AllTrails for personalized hiking trail recommendations.
  • Consensus, synthesizing insights from 200M academic papers.
  • Khan Academy’s Code Tutor, elevating your programming game.
  • Canva for designing captivating presentations and social media posts.
  • Books, to find your next great read.
  • The CK-12 Flexi AI tutor, making math and science learning accessible anytime, anywhere.

Get your GPT featured Creating and sharing a GPT is a breeze – no coding skills needed. To feature your GPT in the store:

  • Set your GPT to 'For Everyone.'
  • Verify your Builder Profile (navigate to Settings → Builder profile).
  • Ensure compliance with the usage policies and GPT brand guidelines. The review process, combining human and automated checks, ensures adherence to these standards.

Monetization for builders on the horizon U.S. builders, gear up! Q1 will see the launch of a GPT builder revenue program, rewarding you based on user engagement. Stay tuned for the nitty-gritty on the payment criteria.

Team and Enterprise features The new ChatGPT Team plan caters to teams of all sizes, offering a private GPT Store section with workspace-specific GPTs. ChatGPT Enterprise customers can soon expect enhanced admin controls. And remember, they value your privacy – your conversations with GPTs don’t contribute to model improvements.

Head to and dive into the world of GPTs!