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2024 Enterprise Generative AI Summit

When: May 21 - May 22, 2024

Where: Silicon Valley, CA, USA, Silicon Valley, CA, USA

The 2024 Enterprise Generative AI Summit features an impressive lineup of speakers from various industry-leading companies. Key speakers include:

  1. Shaloo Garg - Managing Director at Microsoft, specializing in Late Stage Startups & Unicorns. With a background at Oracle and a focus on global corporate innovation, Shaloo brings a wealth of experience in startups, enterprise, strategic partnerships, and corporate development.

  2. Ranjan Sinha, Ph.D. - An IBM Fellow, VP, and CTO, Ranjan is at the forefront of AI strategy, particularly in developing AI with enterprise data. His role includes digital transformation leadership and innovation in data platforms, data engineering, and data science.

  3. Aku Aakriti Srikanth - Founding Partner at WomenOfAI Ventures. Aku has a diverse background, including roles at Workday, Neotribe Ventures, and IBM Watson. Her career encompasses investment banking, strategy consulting, AI product strategy, and venture capital.

  4. Donald Thompson - A Distinguished Engineer at LinkedIn, where he oversees the company's generative AI strategy, architecture, and technology. His experience spans over 35 years in technical architecture and CTO roles, contributing to innovations in AI and digital transformation.

  5. Hira Dangol - Vice President of AI/ML & Automation at Bank Of America. Hira has extensive industry experience in AI/ML, engineering, architecture, and has held executive roles in leading technology companies.

  6. Zafer Sahinoglo, Ph.D. - VP of Business Innovation at Mitsubishi Electric Innovation Center, bringing expertise in business innovation.

The summit will cover a range of industry verticals, including consumer sectors represented by companies like Walmart, Coca-Cola, and Pinterest, as well as manufacturing and energy sectors.

This event presents a great opportunity for attendees to gain insights from industry leaders and to understand the latest trends and applications of generative AI in various business domains. For more detailed information on the agenda and the speakers, you can visit the Kisaco Research website.