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AI & Big Data Expo North America

When: June 5 - June 6, 2024

Where: Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, 5001 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054

The AI & Big Data Expo is a prominent event dedicated to the realms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data. 

  1. Event Overview:

    • The AI & Big Data Expo is designed to provide insights into the future of AI and Big Data, serving as a platform for discovering next-generation technologies and strategies in these fields.
    • The event is particularly aimed at enterprise AI, Machine Learning, Security, Ethical AI, Deep Learning, Data Ecosystems, and Natural Language Processing​1​.
    • Attendees can expect to immerse themselves in a forward-thinking community, gaining insights from top-level speakers and international enterprises. This event provides a rich environment for networking and learning from industry leaders and AI evangelists​2​.
  2. Event Details:

    • The North America edition of the expo is scheduled to take place in-person on 5-6 June 2024 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, CA​1​.
  3. Participants:

    • The expo attracts a large number of participants including over 18,000 attendees, 650+ exhibitors, and 550+ speakers, making it a significant event for individuals and organizations involved in AI and Big Data​2​.
  4. Networking and Learning Opportunities:

    • With a vast array of exhibitors and speakers, the expo offers ample networking opportunities and the chance to learn from industry leaders.
    • The event is structured to foster connections and offer opportunities in the AI and big data ecosystem, making it a suitable platform for both learning and networking​2​.
  5. Associated Events:

    • Alongside the main expo, there are associated events focusing on 5G, IoT, Blockchain, Cyber Security & Cloud, Edge Computing, and Digital Transformation, providing a comprehensive insight into the broader tech ecosystem​1​.
  6. Why Attend:

    • Attending the AI & Big Data Expo provides an opportunity to engage with a community of AI experts and like-minded individuals, build valuable relationships, and explore the latest AI products and services from leading vendors​