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Events, conferences, seminars & workshops on Artificial Intelligence


When: October 14 - October 18, 2024

Where: Dubai World Trade Center, Sheikh Zayed Rd - Trade Centre - Trade Centre 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

GITEX GLOBAL 2024 is set to host a comprehensive and expansive agenda focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The event is collaborating with AI Everything to bring together the most innovative AI companies from around the world. This collaboration will include researchers, inventors, and academia, all coming together to explore the latest in AI technology.

The event will feature a variety of conferences where speakers from across the globe will provide high-impact insights on topics ranging from natural language processing and generative AI to machine learning. These conferences are expected to attract hundreds of the best speakers, offering a platform for ground-breaking discussions in the field of AI.

Networking sessions are also a key component of the agenda, providing opportunities for attendees to meet investors looking to enter the AI space, as well as a chance to discover the next big tech startups. GITEX GLOBAL is organizing these sessions through a concierge program to efficiently schedule meetings.

In addition to the professional and business-oriented aspects, the event places a strong emphasis on education and academia. There will be mentorship, scholarships, and internships available for the youth, as well as opportunities for PhD aspirants in AI to progress in their field.

GITEX GLOBAL also plans to host certified workshops led by the top 2% of global minds in AI and data science. These workshops are described as highly technical, educational, and thought-provoking, aiming to provide deep insights into the latest developments in AI and data science.

The event's focus on AI aligns with the industry's growing impact on global economies and various sectors, highlighting its role in improving efficiency, reducing operating costs, and enhancing business sustainability. The event is expected to be a significant platform for sharing ideas and insights on the rapidly evolving world of AI, showcasing how technologies like ChatGPT and Google's Bard are becoming mainstream.

Overall, GITEX GLOBAL 2024 promises to be a landmark event for those interested in the latest developments and future directions of AI, offering a rich mix of conferences, networking, education, and hands-on learning experiences​​​​​​.