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ODSC East 2024

When: April 23 - April 25, 2024

Where: Boston Hynes Convention Center, 900 Boylston St. 10 Huntington Avenue Boston, MA, 02115

The ODSC East 2024 conference is set to feature a diverse and comprehensive range of topics and sessions, focusing on the latest trends and developments in data science and AI. Here's an overview of some key sessions and topics:

  1. Enabling Complex Reasoning and Action with ReAct, LLMs, and LangChain: This session, led by Giuseppe Zappia and Shelbee Eigenbrode from AWS, will explore the ReAct technique, which uses human reasoning tracts to create action plans for Large Language Models (LLMs), and discuss its applications in various user queries.

  2. Everything About Large Language Models: Chandra Khatri will cover the training of generative Large Language Models like GPT-4, including pre-training, fine-tuning, and Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF).

  3. Topological Deep Learning: Dr. Mustafa Hajij's talk will introduce the fundamentals of topological deep learning, focusing on its application in various domains such as drug discovery and image segmentation.

  4. Feature Stores in Practice: Simba Khadder's session will provide insights into efficiently harnessing feature stores within Machine Learning workflows, bridging the gap between theory and practical implementation.

  5. Deploying Trustworthy Generative AI: Krishnaram Kenthapadi from Fiddler AI will discuss ethical and social considerations in deploying generative AI models, focusing on responsible AI principles.

  6. Using Graphs for Large Feature Engineering Pipelines: Wes Madrigal will discuss the complexity of feature engineering and how it can be simplified using composable compute graphs.

  7. Stable Diffusion: A New Frontier for Text-to-Image Paradigm: Sandeep Singh will introduce Stable Diffusion, a text-to-image generation model, and discuss its applications and fine-tuning processes.

  8. Better Features for Real-time Decisions Using Feature Engines: Mike Del Balso and Nick Acosta's session will focus on how feature platforms are used in production ML, highlighting a hands-on workshop on Tecton.

  9. Building Using Llama 2: Amit Sangani's session will cover the basics of Llama 2 models, including access, usage, and building core components of AI chatbots.

  10. Aligning Open-source LLMs Using Reinforcement Learning from Feedback: Sinan Ozdemir will delve into the fine-tuning of LLMs using reinforcement learning techniques.

  11. No-Code and Low-Code AI: Gwendolyn D. Stripling will discuss no-code and low-code frameworks in ML, covering their use in data ingestion, analysis, and building, training, and deploying ML models.

These sessions reflect the cutting-edge developments in AI and data science, offering attendees a chance to learn from leading experts and practitioners in the field. For more details and to explore other sessions, you can visit the ODSC East 2024 website​​​​​​.