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Robotics Summit & Expo 2024

When: May 1 - May 2, 2024

Where: Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, 415 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210

The Robotics Summit & Expo 2024, scheduled for May 1–2 in Boston, MA, will feature a variety of engaging sessions and events. Here's an overview of what's on the agenda:

  1. Motor Selection and Integration: There will be discussions about the critical factors impacting motor selection for robotics, including high-torque motors and miniature motors for end-effector motion. This will also cover the integration of motors into robotics systems, with real-world case studies showcasing applications in surgical robots and humanoids.

  2. AI in Warehouse Operations: A session led by Gina Chung, Vice President of Corporate Development at Locus Robotics, will explore the use of artificial intelligence in warehouse settings. This includes understanding what constitutes AI, the benefits of AI, and its practical implementation in warehouses.

  3. Developing Cognitive Robotics Systems: A presentation by Sebastian Castro, Sr. Robotics Engineer at PickNik Robotics, and Andrew Stout, Roboticist and Software Engineer at The AI Institute, will delve into the use of behavior trees for managing robot autonomy. They'll discuss the advantages of behavior trees over other approaches like finite-state machines.

  4. AI and Machine Learning in Manufacturing: Larry Sweet, Director of Engineering at ARM Institute, will discuss the integration of AI and machine learning in robotic manufacturing, sharing insights from various projects and technical approaches.

  5. Robotic Surgery Interventions: Gregory Fischer, Founder & CEO of AiM Medical Robotics, will address the use of intra-operative MRI in robotic surgery, focusing on real-time tracking of soft tissue targets and instruments.

  6. Democratizing Automation Panel: This panel will discuss making robotics accessible to a broader range of users, focusing on advancements in ease of use, affordability, interoperability, and flexibility.

  7. MassRobotics Accelerator Showcase: Led by Marita McGinn, Director of the MassRobotics Accelerator Program, this session will showcase technologies from various startups, emphasizing robotics innovation.

  8. Depth Sensors for Robots: A session by Brandon Minor, Co-founder & CEO of Tangram Vision, focusing on the development and use of depth sensors in robotics.

  9. Managing Robotics Data: Benji Barash, Co-founder & CEO of Roboto AI, will talk about managing the vast amount of data generated by robots and leveraging AI for data analysis.

  10. Haptic Sensing in Surgical Robotics: Robert Brooks, CEO of ForceN, will discuss the role of force and torque sensing in surgical robotics, covering aspects like thermal compensation and engineering cable assemblies.

In addition to these sessions, the event will include keynote addresses, a Women in Robotics Breakfast, an exhibitor hall, the RBR50 Networking Reception, and an awards dinner​​​​​​.