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World Conference on Data Science & Statistics

When: June 17 - June 19, 2024

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The prestigious World Conference on Data Science & Statistics unfolds annually in three regions, uniting innovators, academics, and practitioners from diverse domains like Data Science, AI, and IoT to discuss AI-driven transformations across various sectors. This three-day event delves into crucial areas including data governance, machine learning applications, and data engineering, catering to professionals from analysts to vice presidents. Embedded within is the Data Science Week 2024, designed to explore all facets of data-driven and AI-innovative business, showcasing the best in data-driven technology and research by eminent global individuals. The conference, with a broad spectrum of attendees from business executives to researchers, promises networking opportunities, over 80 insightful talks, tutorials, and a deep dive into critical topics like AI, Data Visualization, and Cloud Computing. It aims to foster a rich exchange of ideas and practical insights in data science, facilitating genuine human-to-machine interaction, and providing a platform for showcasing the latest in data visualization and advanced analytics, all while offering a peek into the future of cloud computing and other pivotal technologies.