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World Summit AI Americas

When: April 24 - April 25, 2024

Where: Palais des congrès de Montréal, 1001 Pl. Jean-Paul-Riopelle Montréal, QC H2Z 1H5 Canada

The World Summit AI Americas is a prestigious event that gathers a vast array of professionals and experts from the AI community. 


  1. Event Overview: The event is structured to provide a platform for discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking among AI enthusiasts, professionals, and stakeholders. It brings together a diverse group of speakers who are leaders in the AI and related fields, to share their insights and experiences.

  2. Speakers: The event boasts a long list of notable speakers including Abha Dogra (Chief Digital and Technology Officer, CAE), Yoshua Bengio (Canada CIFAR AI Chair; Full Professor, Samsung AI; Professor, Université de Montréal; Scientific Director, Mila & IVADO), and many others from academia, industry, and various organizations dedicated to AI and its applications​.

  3. Program Highlights (April 19):

    • Morning Session: The day kicks off with registration followed by welcome remarks. The first headliner talk is by Yoshua Bengio on bridging the current gaps in AI. This is followed by two more headliner talks covering AI/ML innovation by Sherry Marcus from Amazon Web Services, and AI for Good by Krish Banerjee from Accenture​.
    • Midday Session: A panel discussion on the business case for responsible AI is scheduled, where panelists discuss the importance of responsible AI in technology development and business operations. This is followed by a headliner talk on a multinational accelerator for emerging and disruptive technologies by Prof Deeph Chana from NATO Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA)​.
    • Afternoon Session: A panel discussion on building an AI-Powered Organization is followed by deep-dive tech talks covering topics like Retrieval-Augmented Generation, Brain-Computer Interface, and managing risks in deploying AI within critical industrial operations​.
  4. Tracks and Streams: The event is organized into different tracks and streams, ensuring a wide coverage of topics and discussions catering to various interests within the AI community​.

  5. Networking Opportunities: There are slots for refreshments, networking, and meet-ups, allowing attendees to interact, share ideas, and possibly foster collaborations​.

This comprehensive program reflects the event's commitment to promoting knowledge exchange, discussions on responsible AI, and providing a platform for networking among AI professionals and enthusiasts.