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What is an AI PC and do you actually need one?

June 15, 2024, 2:09 p.m. • Tom's Hardware • (7 Minute Read)
The article discusses the recent popularity of AI PCs but aims to clarify what actually constitutes an AI PC and whether it is necessary for consumers. Various definitions exist for an AI PC, with Microsoft and Intel promoting specific requirements such as including the latest NPU, CPU, and GPU, and having Microsoft Copilot with the Copilot key on its keyboard. Notably, laptops with Snapdragon X Elite and Plus processors are now considered Copilot+ PCs, possessing unique Windows AI features. The article also highlights the significance of NPUs in AI PCs, namely their efficiency and performance capabilities. While AI features are still evolving and often available in the cloud, some benefits include enhanced battery life and security. However, whether consumers truly need AI PCs remains a point of contemplation, especially as the technology continues to advance.

This AI-Generated Pixar Style Animation Just Might Blow Your Mind

June 15, 2024, 11:30 a.m. • Futurism • (1 Minute Read)
The cutesy Pixar-style animation clip, featuring what appears to be an Ancient Egyptian girl, has gone viral due to being entirely AI-generated, prompting discussions on the impact on the animation industry. Los Angeles-based director and photographer Ellenor Argyropoulos released the short, silent clip on social media, where it quickly garnered 7.5 million views in just a few days. The animation, created using Luma's AI video generator, Dream Machine, demonstrated a significant advancement in AI video capabilities, raising concerns about potential job displacement in the animation industry. While there are still technical and copyright issues to be resolved, the rapid progress of AI-generated animations suggests challenging times ahead for human animators.

AI is the sixth great revolution in filmmaking (and maybe the most important)

June 14, 2024, 8:41 p.m. • VentureBeat • (9 Minute Read)
The news story titled "AI is the sixth great revolution in filmmaking (and maybe the most important)" discusses the impact of artificial intelligence on the filmmaking industry. The article traces the history of technological revolutions in filmmaking and highlights the transformative role of AI in creating films. It emphasizes how AI allows creators to visualize their internal ideas and scenes, making it a highly impactful revolution. Despite limitations such as unpredictable outputs and copyright issues, the article predicts that AI will soon play a significant role in film production. Furthermore, it acknowledges the ethical challenges surrounding the use of copyrighted data by AI model providers.

I've Been Reviewing AI Chatbots for 4 Months and They've Rewired My Brain

June 14, 2024, 7:37 p.m. • CNET • (3 Minute Read)
After spending four months reviewing AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Perplexity, Claude, and Gemini, a reporter's brain has been rewired to rely heavily on generative technology. The reporter, who has been evaluating the chatbots according to CNET's testing standards, has become increasingly reliant on them for providing immediate answers and information. While AI chatbots have proven to be a valuable tool for specific tasks such as finding niche information and making purchase decisions, their reliance on online opinions can lead to inaccuracies. The reporter highlights the need for prompt engineering to effectively utilize AI and cautions against overreliance on them, stressing the importance of double-checking their work due to their potential for mistakes. This story serves as a reflection on the impact and potential pitfalls of integrating AI chatbots into daily life, raising questions about the role of human thought and decision-making in an AI-dependent world.

Pope Francis will be the first pontiff to address a G7 summit. He's raising the alarm about AI

June 14, 2024, 8:31 a.m. • The Associated Press • (7 Minute Read)
Pope Francis made history by becoming the first pontiff to address a G7 summit in Italy, where he raised concerns about the ethical implications of artificial intelligence (AI). Highlighting the potential risks of AI, Francis emphasized the importance of maintaining human dignity in the development and use of this technology. He urged politicians to ensure that decisions involving AI prioritize human values and underscored the need for human control over AI programs. Additionally, he called for a ban on the use of lethal autonomous weapons, expressing deep ethical concerns about the consequences of unchecked AI development. Francis's presence at the G7 summit brought attention to the need for stronger regulations on AI and its potential impact on society and peace.

Amazon missed its chance to dominate AI, according to a new report

June 13, 2024, 10:15 p.m. • The Verge • (3 Minute Read)
According to a new report from Fortune, Amazon's Alexa, previously considered among the most capable voice assistants, is encountering significant setbacks in its development. The report indicates that the new AI-powered Alexa is nowhere close to being ready and may never achieve its intended purpose of being "the world's best personal assistant." The report draws from interviews with over a dozen former employees, who cited organizational dysfunction and technological challenges as hindrances to Amazon's AI dominance. The company has faced difficulties in integrating generative AI into Alexa, with factors such as a decentralized organizational structure and the need to navigate an existing tech stack and defend the current feature set contributing to the struggles. Despite Amazon's commitment to Alexa's growth, the report suggests that the company is racing to catch up in the AI arms race, with the departure of key personnel adding to the uncertainty surrounding the project's future.

LinkedIn leans on AI to do the work of job hunting

June 13, 2024, 1 p.m. • TechCrunch • (7 Minute Read)
LinkedIn is unveiling new artificial intelligence-driven features to assist users in job hunting. The company is capitalizing on the current tech trend of AI by launching tools that help with job searches, job applications, and personalized learning material. Users will also benefit from AI-generated cover letters and personalized coaching from industry experts. Another major focus for LinkedIn is AI-driven search, as it plans to revamp its search experience to provide more comprehensive and conversational results. These new features are augmented by the company’s previous AI integrations in its products, and LinkedIn's focus on AI is backed by its connection with Microsoft, which has substantial AI efforts. The company also has plans to expand tools for recruiters and marketers, and introduce enhanced premium company pages for small businesses.

How AI Is Fueling a Boom in Data Centers and Energy Demand

June 12, 2024, 4:17 p.m. • TIME • (5 Minute Read)
The rise of AI is fueling a boom in data centers and energy demand, as reported on June 12, 2024. This increase has led to a voracious consumption of energy, with global data center electricity demand forecasted to more than double from 2022 to 2026, largely due to AI. The industry's aggressive consumption of fossil fuel energy sources is raising concerns about its impact on climate change. With data centers already accounting for more than 1% of global electricity use, the rapid increase in energy usage poses a threat to climate goals and energy infrastructure, putting pressure on local communities for resources like electricity and water. Despite promises of technological efficiency improvements and renewable energy sources, the industry's relentless expansion has drawn criticism and calls for regulation to address its environmental impact. With the need for transparency and regulatory action becoming evident, it is clear that the rise of AI and data centers warrants careful attention and consideration for their implications on energy usage and the environment.

Stability AI brings new size to image generation with Stable Diffusion Medium

June 12, 2024, 1 p.m. • VentureBeat • (3 Minute Read)
Stability AI has launched Stable Diffusion Medium, a new addition to its image generation technology. With only 2 billion parameters, the SD3 Medium is a smaller model designed to run efficiently on consumer-grade GPUs with a minimum requirement of just 5GB of GPU VRAM. Despite its smaller size, the model boasts photorealism, prompt adherence, typography, resource efficiency, and fine-tuning capabilities comparable to the larger SD3 model. Stability AI's co-CEO Christian Laforte emphasized that the new medium-sized model is an ideal choice for resource-constrained environments, making high-quality image generation more accessible to a wider range of users and organizations.

Adapt or die: Is the future bright for business amidst the AI boom?

June 12, 2024, 12:10 a.m. • Fortune • (2 Minute Read)
The inaugural European AI conference, Brainstorm AI London, provided insight into the role of AI in shaping the future of businesses. From the creation of symphonies to the potential impact on job markets, the conference raised thought-provoking questions about the transformative power of AI. With historical references to ancient Greece and the Industrial Revolution, it became clear that the age-old principle of adapt or die applies to the current business landscape. Companies that have embraced disruptive technologies have thrived, exemplified by Microsoft's successful integration of generative AI. The message from the conference is clear: businesses must continually evolve and innovate to remain relevant in the age of AI. As companies navigate this new era, the importance of learning from history and embracing change becomes increasingly apparent.

Want an AI Job? Check out these new AWS AI certifications

June 11, 2024, 8:20 p.m. • ZDNet • (6 Minute Read)
The article titled "Want an AI Job? Check out these new AWS AI certifications" discusses the opportunities for individuals seeking employment in the field of AI. It highlights the new training courses and certifications offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a way for non-technical workers to enter the AI job market. The AWS Certified AI Practitioner certification is designed for professionals in marketing, sales, project and product management, HR, and finance, while the AWS Certified Machine Learning Engineer – Associate certification targets technical workers. The article explains the training courses and resources available to prepare for these certifications and the financial benefits associated with having AI skills. The piece emphasizes the value of certifications in securing AI jobs and encourages individuals interested in AI work to consider these programs.

There's an AI Candidate Running for Parliament in the UK

June 11, 2024, 2:19 p.m. • WIRED • (3 Minute Read)
The United Kingdom is seeing the emergence of a new type of candidate ahead of its forthcoming elections: an AI candidate. The virtual politician, known as AI Steve, is an avatar of Steven Endacott, a Brighton-based businessman who will represent the AI in Parliament as an Independent. Voters will have the opportunity to vote for AI Steve and provide input on policy positions and local issues. Endacott will serve as the in-person representative for AI Steve, who was designed by the AI voice company Neural Voice. This development is aimed at creating a more direct form of democracy and incorporating constituents' feedback into policy-making.

Here's everything Apple announced at the WWDC 2024 keynote, including Apple Intelligence, Siri makeover

June 11, 2024, 1 p.m. • TechCrunch • (10 Minute Read)
At the WWDC 2024 keynote, Apple unveiled several major announcements, including the introduction of Apple Intelligence and a significant makeover for its smart AI assistant, Siri. The company emphasized its artificial intelligence ambitions, with key updates across Siri, Genmoji, ChatGPT integration, photo editing, and more. Apple also revealed plans to collaborate with third-party AI models beyond OpenAI, including Google’s Gemini model. Additionally, the availability of Apple Intelligence will be limited to specific newer devices, and the features encompass various aspects of personalized and immersive experiences. The event also showcased software and hardware updates, such as the macOS Sequoia operating system, an enhanced Photos app, and a new "Smart Script" feature for the Apple Pencil on iPad. Other notable developments include the introduction of Tap to Cash for iPhone payments and the launch of iOS 18, which will offer increased customization and support for generative AI.

The AI paradox: Path to utopia or dystopia?

June 9, 2024, 9:15 p.m. • VentureBeat • (5 Minute Read)
In a recent news story titled "The AI paradox: Path to utopia or dystopia?", the debate over the responsible development and deployment of AI has been reignited by recent headlines, such as an AI suggesting people should eat rocks or the creation of 'Miss AI,' the first beauty contest with AI-generated contestants. While there have been concerns about potential risks from AI technology, including its weaponization, encoding of societal biases, and privacy violations, there is no evidence yet that AI on its own is posing harm. The emergence of advanced AI models and the potential achievement of artificial general intelligence (AGI) within five years have raised existential worries, but disagreement exists about whether this progress will continue or lead to a new "AI Winter." Responsible AI development with ethical principles, safety testing, human oversight, and control measures is considered essential to navigating the rapidly evolving AI landscape. This article presents different viewpoints and acknowledges the uncertainty surrounding AI's future impact on society.

AI vs humans: Why soft skills are your secret weapon

June 9, 2024, 6:05 p.m. • VentureBeat • (5 Minute Read)
In the news story titled "AI vs humans: Why soft skills are your secret weapon," Marina Minnikova highlights the increasing role of AI in our lives, emphasizing that while AI can handle numerous tasks efficiently, there are essential soft skills that remain exclusive to humans. The article underscores that skills like creativity, leadership, interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, and ethical decision-making are crucial strengths. It suggests that developing these skills is imperative for staying ahead in the AI era. Minnikova asserts that instead of competing with AI in tasks it excels at, focusing on nurturing uniquely human traits and soft skills will be the key to success in the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Will AI Become Friend or Foe to Animators?

June 9, 2024, 3:10 p.m. • Variety • (7 Minute Read)
The animation community is grappling with the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the industry at the Annecy Festival. The use of AI in animation raises concerns about job obsolescence, copyright issues, and the overall impact on artistic expression and workflow. While some see AI as a productivity tool that can enhance the creative process, others worry about its potential to infringe on copyright and replace human creativity. The industry is urged to adapt and integrate AI into their work and education, emphasizing the need to establish policies and ethical boundaries around AI usage. As animators navigate through this technological evolution, they are encouraged to harness the benefits of AI while also respecting artistic ownership and creativity.

First Miss AI beauty pageant

June 9, 2024, 10 a.m. • NPR • (5 Minute Read)
In a groundbreaking event, ten digitally generated models have reached the finals of what is being touted as the world's first Miss AI beauty pageant. Organized by the UK-based online creator platform FanVue, the event marks a turning point in the world of beauty pageantry, as models created using generative artificial intelligence (AI) are now competing in a beauty pageant. These contestants, who exist solely on social media, are vying for a cash prize of $5,000 and public relations and mentorship opportunities. The competition, which aims to spotlight AI as a marketing tool, has attracted widespread attention due to its unconventional nature and the controversial issues surrounding beauty pageants. While the event has garnered public interest, it has also sparked debates about the stereotypes perpetuated by traditional beauty pageantry and the potential for AI influencers to reshape the influencer marketplace. The winner of the Miss AI competition will be announced at the end of June, marking a significant milestone in the intersection of technology and beauty standards.

In the shadow of generative AI, what remains uniquely human?

June 8, 2024, 7:05 p.m. • VentureBeat • (4 Minute Read)
Generative AI is rapidly altering the landscape of work and daily life. With its ability to replicate language and create content, gen AI is encroaching on areas traditionally considered uniquely human. However, as machines evolve in verbal and cognitive capabilities, a crucial question arises: what distinct qualities will humans retain in the shadow of gen AI? While technology has made significant strides in areas such as natural language processing and emotional mimicry, uniquely human attributes including emotions, creativity, intuition, and moral reasoning remain beyond the reach of machines. As organizations grapple with the implications of gen AI, it becomes essential to navigate its responsible deployment and consider what roles should remain within the human realm. Ultimately, the ever-evolving relationship between humans and AI prompts a critical exploration of what it means to be uniquely human.

Paleontologists Are Fuming Over AI Depictions of Prehistoric Animals

June 8, 2024, 11:40 a.m. • Gizmodo • (5 Minute Read)
Paleontologists are expressing frustration over the use of AI to depict prehistoric animals, as the technology's imagery has sparked controversy. The debate revolves around the accuracy and scientific integrity of AI-generated depictions, with concerns that they may diverge from scientific findings and expectations. While AI has potential in the sciences, including in paleontology where it aids in tasks such as analyzing fossils, experts argue that AI-generated paleoart lacks the nuanced and informed approach of human artists. The use of AI in scientific visual communication has raised questions about transparency, ethical considerations, and maintaining the public's trust in scientific accuracy. These developments prompt a call for clear guidelines and ethical standards to govern AI's role in communicating scientific information.

Google's and Microsoft's AI Chatbots Refuse to Say Who Won the 2020 US Election

June 7, 2024, 1:59 p.m. • WIRED • (4 Minute Read)
In a peculiar turn of events, Google's and Microsoft's AI chatbots, Gemini and Copilot, are refusing to disclose the winner of the 2020 US presidential election. Despite their advanced programming, both chatbots are unable to provide a definitive answer when asked who won the election. Their inability extends to refusing to provide results for any election globally, past or present. This unexpected behavior comes at a crucial time, with the 2024 US presidential election on the horizon. These chatbots' reluctance to address election-related queries raises concerns about their accuracy and reliability as sources of information. Furthermore, this issue is exacerbated by the persistence of baseless election conspiracies propagated by some Americans. Officials from Google and Microsoft have acknowledged the chatbots' limitations, attributing them to the companies' efforts to redirect election-related queries to their respective search engines. This episode sheds light on the challenges and limitations of AI technology in addressing sensitive and complex topics, especially in the politically charged landscape of elections.